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From road transport, air transport and sea transport to crane work. From customs formalities to assembling work on location. Transport & Lifting Twenthe is versatile, fast and flexible. Together with our partners we ensure that all our customers employed in the industry, construction and infrastructure logistics are supported. The more complex the issue, the better our expertise and services. This also applies to your logistical issues. You do not have to settle for any less than the best solution.

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As an entrepreneur or manager you want to be able to focus on your core business. Also, you do not want to worry about side issues. Like logistics. Let that be our core business. Transport & Lifting Twenthe is specialized in designing your logistical concepts.

Project: Meerdink Bruggen

A special collaboration between TLT and Meerdink Bruggen

It all started with arranging horizontal and vertical transport. In the course of the years, the services of Transport & Lifting Twenthe at Meerdink Bruggen have expanded considerably. "Together with TLT we have already been able to execute many great projects."