Director of your logistical needs

Transport & Lifting Twenthe

Director of your logistical needs

Transport & Lifting Twenthe is a logistics service provider with years of experience in total logistics, the rental of quality equipment and the development of logistical concepts that really make a difference to our customers. Whatever service you choose, you are assured that your logistical issue will be well executed.

Customer satisfaction, perfect service and a high quality are our greatest paramounts. Our growing customer base also proves that we are a reliable partner. Whether it concerns company relocations, project cargo or air freight: if logistics becomes difficult, we are happy to think of a solution.

From logistical challenge to solution
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Great logistical solutions require thorough preparation. That is why we map out all your needs in an extensive inventory. The result: we know exactly what is important to you and can help you quickly and efficiently.

Why choose Transport & Lifting Twenthe

Sobriety is in our DNA.

We are located in the east of the Netherlands. What characterizes us as Eastern-Dutch people, is 'noaberschap'. This means we help each other and always do as we say. If we translate this to our organization this means we are reliable, loyal and choose action over words.

We have years of experience in logistics.

In the versatile and dynamic world trade that is called logistics, we have proven to be a knowledgeable partner. As a service provider in total logistics, rental and development of logistical concepts, we have years of experience.

We unburden you from A to Z.

To unburden you is our number one priority. For example, we are happy to arrange all permits and (customs) documents for you. This way you can always fully concentrate on your core tasks and your business.

We fulfill our agreements.

In Holland we have a saying: 'A man a man, a word a word'. At Transport & Lifting Twenthe you experience this to the fullest. We fulfill our agreements. After all, you expect precision in our logistics. Therfore we only work with partners who also pursue logistical excellence.

Project: Devrie

Devrie über TLT: “wir sind jedem Auftrag gewachsen”

Der Transport von große Produkte wie zum Beispiel Luftreinigungssysteme für Schweinestallen, wird für das Familienunternehmen Devrie aus Vriezenveen durch Transport & Lifting Twenthe erledigt. ‘‘Wir sind Kunde der ersten Stunde‘‘.

VCA Certificate Petrochemistry

Transport & Lifting Twenthe: the right certification

To ensure the safety of our and your employees during work, Transport & Lifting Twenthe is VCA certified. VCA is the Dutch equivalent of the Safety Certificate for Contractors (SCC). Our certification also shows that we, as a professional logistics service provider, work safely in the petrochemical industry.